Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vanilla scotchale

Last night, I tasted the Scotch ale I brewed for my friend's birthday.
The beer had the final gravity of 1.020, and the original gravity was 1.070, which was 0.003 lower than the target gravity.

2 weeks after I pitched the yeast I put 2 pods of vanilla beans, and 1 cinnamon stick in the carboy. (yeah, actual vanilla beans and cinnamon stick)

The beer had a good colour, not very carbonated, big, but subtle vanilla aroma and tiny hint of cinnamon.
It was tasting good, but the body was kind of thin even though it finished at 1.020 (maybe I should have aimed higher for FG(Final Gravity) or just added more grain?) or the sweetness in the beer ganged up with vanilla and made me think it had thinner body in the beer. 
However, the peat flavour in this beer was definitely making the other think it was an interesting beer.

Here is the recipe for "Cole's Vanilla Scotch Ale"

5.50 kg Pale Malt
1.00 kg Wheat Malt
0.23 kg Crystal Malt 40L
0.23 kg Crystal Malt 60L
0.23 kg Crystal Malt 80L
0.23 kg Munich Malt
0.10 kg Chocolate Malt
0.10 kg Peat Smoked Malt
0.10 kg Mild Smoked Malt
0.10 kg Roasted Barley

30gram Fuggles hop 60min
30gram Fuggles hop 30min
30gram East Kent Goldings hop 10min

Extra ingredients:
2 Vanilla Pods
1 Cinnamon Stick
and Happy Birthday Cole!

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