Friday, July 15, 2011

Smoke Them if you've got 'Em

Intrigued by the history of London Porter - particularly brown malt (a traditional wood smoked malt) being a significant part of the grain bill, and after tasting our efforts having brewed a great session Porter, we decided to up the smoke!

Inspired by an Alasakan Smoked Porter and in the American tradition of making everything big, we upped the smoke, and everything else...

For a 40 litre batch...

7kg Golden Promise
2.5kg Rauch Malt (German Smoked Malt)
.8kg Munich Malt
.8kg Pale Crystal
.8kg Caramalt
.6kg Chocolate Malt
.4kg Black Patent Malt

75g EKG 60mins
35g Willamette 30mins
40g Willamette 15mins
25g EKG 0mins
25g Willamette 0mins

Single infusion Mash @ 67 degrees C

Pitched Wyeast 1272 @ 18 degrees C, 3 weeks Primary, no Secondary

Key Stats....

90 min boil
1.067 SG @ 70% efficiency
1.014 FG
7% ABV
39.4 SRM
35.6 IBU

Early tastings indicate serious Awesomeness and Smoke...

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