Saturday, July 9, 2011

Imperial Black IPA

Yeahp. Imperial, it is.

I bottled Imperial Black IPA.

Black IPA has been quite popular and I brewed, but something more. (more of this stuff brewed commercially in America though. i.e Southerntier Iniquity and Unita Dubhe Imperial Black IPA )

It wasn't done yet, but from what I tasted before bottling, the beer will be pretty good.

I can't forget to mention that the idea was from my friend Alec.

He was one of my friend who liked my homebrewed IPA and STARTED to brew the beer himself.

Seems like I'm doing my job to make the taxation department get less money....   inspiring and increasing the homebrewing population. 

Alec made the label for our collaborative brew and here is the front part of it.

(But not for sale as it's illegal.)

And also this is the recipe we brewed

6.50 kg Pale Malt
1.00 kg Munich Malt
0.25 kg Crystal Malt 30L
0.60 kg Crystal Malt 60L
0.25 kg Black Barley

40 gram Pacific Gem  90min
10 gram Nelson Sauvin  60min
10 gram Nelson Sauvin  45min
10 gram Nelson Sauvin  30min
30 gram NZ Cascade  10min
30 gram NZ Cascade  5min
10 gram NZ Cascade  1min
100 gram NZ Cascade Dry Hop for 7days


  1. Black IPA Shiggy? Thats sooooo last month. Its all about the saisons right now.

  2. I actually am thinking to brew Imperial Black Saison. What do you think? Stepping up to next level.