Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Recipe making for Imperial Black Saison

I posted the recipe for Imperial Black IPA previously and I was thinking what will happen if I brewed the same beer, but with a different yeast.

In the past I have done American Wheat Ale and Hoppy Wit from the same wort.

They turned out like this -

American Wheat Ale: huge hop aroma (Simcoe!), peach, clean bitterness and pine fruits taste and thin body, and the flavour doesn't last long. very easy drinking hoppy wheat ale

Hoppy Wit: smells yeasty and Simcoe hop is not getting along with Belgian Wit yeast character. Tastes soapy. not the best beer it could be. I think I should've done Hoppen Weiss using Hefeweissen yeast.

I learned that there is some case that the yeast and hop don't get along together.

However, I'm thinking to brew another crazy stuff.

Imperial Black Saison by pitching Saison yeast into the Imperial Black IPA wort.

For 20L batch

6.50 kg Pale Malt
1.00 kg Munich Malt
0.25 kg Crystal Malt 30L
0.60 kg Crystal Malt 60L
0.25 kg Black Barley

40 gram Pacific Gem  90min
10 gram Nelson Sauvin  60min
10 gram Nelson Sauvin  45min
10 gram Nelson Sauvin  30min
30 gram NZ Cascade  10min
30 gram NZ Cascade  5min
10 gram NZ Cascade  1min
100 gram NZ Cascade Dry Hop for 7days
And Saison yeast

Well. I didn't create a new recipe.

From my experience of drinking Saison, Saison make the beer dry and shows coriander or other spices on nose.
The mistake I have done for brewing Hoppy Wit may be "wrong hop used" "dry hopping"

However, Saison tends to have less yeastyness compare to other Belgian yeasts and I'm guessing it won't be a big problem to dry hop it. 

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