Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Japanese craft beer pub in Singapore.

I have been on my holiday for over 2 weeks now and guess where I am now!

I'm in Singapore eating and drinking good beers. I never imagined that I can get good beers in South East Asia.
I was drying for some good beers while I was in Bangkok and chose to drink Thai rice wine. It was actually pretty good. They make it from rice, but from Kao Nyao rice (sticky rice) and taste different from Japanese sake. Taste lot more fruity and acidic like white wine.

I found a cool pub in the central city of Singapore by Somerset MRT station.
It's called Ji Biru. Craft Beer in Japanese. They serve mainly Japanese beer and some locally brewed boutique beers. It is often from Jungle Beer.

Yona Yona Ale by Yahho Brewing with the smoked duck and checking FB. They have Wi-fi as all the pubs should do. 

Indian Summer Saison from Shiga Kogen. The best bottle beer I tried in Singapore. Reminds me little bit of Sorachi Saison by Dave. Probably Japanese hop Shiga Kogen used is similar to Sorachi Ace. Very lemony.

Kinshachi Red Miso Lager. I tasted the miso in the beer. It was very odd. The beer tasted more like Scotch Ale.

Jeremy, the owner was a very cool guy and the bar staffs were very friendly, too. This is one of the bars you must visit if you are in Singapore.

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