Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brewing in Bangkok!!

It was a very hot day for sure. The sun was burning the asphalt and the heat was killing us even though we were brewing in the shade. Probably from the boiling the wort as well.

I ran beer brewing workshop for my friends here in my parents' house in Bangkok on 3rd March. I had no gears shipped from my house in Wellington except a refractometer and ordered every thing else from online shops in Australia and Singapore. Also bought bucket and few from the supermarket.

Talking about malt extract. I could not get malt for the workshop, so I had to use Cooper's Amber Malt Extract.

 Explained about the reasons for boiling the wort.

 From the top: 10g Aurora Hop - 60min, 20g Aurora Hop - 20min, 60g Aurora Hop - 10 min, 50g Galaxy Hop - 5min
Adding the 60min hop.

The original gravity was 1.055

Cooked the mussel from Sriracha. Few people asked Sam if we brought them from NZ. They were fresh and delicious.

Belgian Mussel with Hoegaarden Wheat and Beer Brats with Pilsner.

Chilling the wort in the ice water. Actually it took about 30-40min to chill the wort to 19℃.

Syphoning the wort into the fermenter I built 2 hours before the workshop.

Pitched Saf-yeast US-05 and the room is chilled to 20℃. 

The hard part of the brewing was building the fermenter. It was very hard to find the best one, but I probably could find better one than this ice cooler box from supermarket. I didn't have time as I landed here on 1st and ran this workshop on 3rd. I hope the beer is going to be good anyway. The bottling is on 17th. Need to through 40g of Galaxy for 3days dry hopping. Brewing in rush is quite stressful and probably there will be diacetyl in the beer as the temperature may be too high (I needed the thermometer sticker for the fermenter), but hopefully bottle conditioning longer will make it better.

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