Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beers in Singapore.

There were good beers in Singapore. This is my conclusion.
I visited Brewerkz, Ji Biru, Jungle Beer brewery (Barefoot Brewing), The Pump Room (brew pub), Red Dot (brew pub).
I met brewers, too. Aditya from Jungle Beer. Collin from Archipelago Brewery. Scott from The Pump Room.

The best beer pub was probably Brewerkz, as they had the biggest beer menu. However, I spent most of my time at Ji Biru. I liked The Pump Room a lot, just because I can have the best IPA in town there. Actually I better to say Clark Quay is the place to drink beer. I saw couple more places selling craft beer. There was a pub putting up Stone Brewery's poster on the wall and as I expected they had some of Stone beer in the fridge.

Big menu at Brewerkz

The Pump Room imported their brewing system from New Zealand

Their IPA was gooooood

Singapore is importing most of the product they demand in the country. Probably that is why they have so many options of imported craft beers. Craft beer production within Singapore is increasing, too.

Red Dot was little bit out of the way, but they sell some interesting beers and seasonal brews. The green beer they sell through the year was okay. They were calling 6.5% stout, Imperial Stout. Seems like the brewer doesn't like paying more tax to brew a proper Imperial Stout.

Jungle Beer is pretty new. Adi started brewing & selling the beer around August 2011. He used to work in the brewery in Scotland. His beer is unique, which he told me "Everyone is brewing main stream beer, so I will do something interesting".
He had a nice room upstairs with the view over the brewery with couches, pool table and beer taps. He has his brewery license and also bar license for that room, so actually he can throw a party there. Very cool!

Jungle Beer brewery and the VIP room. I liked the pool table and the painting on the wall. 

The beers in Singapore is not only Tiger beer, Heineken, Guinness or Hoegarrden. Singapore is a great place for someone who likes somewhere warm, eating Asian food and also love good beers. 

I was at Ji Biru every day

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