Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Failing coconut stout

Metallic, not enough coconut and smoky...

It's my 3rd batch of coconut porter. I call it coconut stout, because I add coconut to my dry stout. However, this time the beer was not cool. The beer had metallic flavour and also smoky character. I know why. That is why I'm so disappointed to my self. 

The smoky flavour was obviously coming from burnt coconut. I usually toast coconut to nice brown to sterilize and get rid of the oil in the dried coconut meat. When I did this I was in hurry and I burnt some of coconut to black. I dumped in the beer anyway, because I had to run to my work. I assumed, since the base beer is stout burnt flavour from toasted (burnt) coconut wouldn't be a trouble. Yeah, BIG MISTAKE. The most important ingredients in good beer making is CARING and PATIENT!

Metallic flavour usually comes from 
- rusty brewing gear
- aluminium
- poorly stored malt
- low fermenting temp
- iodophor (maybe not)

The most likely brew fault is fermentation temp. The second is rusty brewing gear. I am guessing the tap attached to boiling kettle is rusty, because I don't use the tap and don't clean it that often. I must, now!

It's cool learning from mistake. Screwed, but will never forget!

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