Saturday, August 20, 2011

Whats brown and sticky? The followup

After 2 weeks sitting on untoasted american oak chips and sitting in the bottle for another two, the results are in for my oaked brown ale; too much oak was added. Rather than a soft, mellow oakiness that I was looking for, I got harsh, gnawing on wood. Its like a living tree in the beer i.e green. At least those were my thoughts. I took this beer along to the homebrew meetup and got some good feedback. Some people digged the oak flavour while others agreed with me that it was too much. While other people noted vanilla and raisin on the nose and a good oak flavour. People suggested leave it for a 2 months or reduce the oak or maybe get toasted oak next time.

Despite being far from what I wanted, its not terrible and perhaps I was being a little hard on myself. Can't expect to get it right first attempt. I'll definitely take on peoples thoughts and maybe reduce the oak for next time. I will also play around with different toasts of oak and differnet woods.

Chances are that it will mellow out over time and . At least I hope it will. Until then I'll drink the other beers I have.

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